2012-05-31 21:30:54 by Zeck2709

I've been busy. Here's a trailer for run n jump that I made mid-making levels.

New Character Video on Youtube!

2012-05-29 08:28:46 by Zeck2709

So I made a video of the new characters in the updated version of the game here - check ma sweet editing skillz bro.

Also check out my other channel that I do with my mate where we play games -

fucking random news post

2012-05-27 19:56:49 by Zeck2709

So yeah i'm currently working on Run N Jump - the full version. It's gonna have 4 new playable characters, a free play mode when you beat the game that allows you to play as any character in any level, and this also includes some alternate skins for each character. Also, bosses. And longer levels. And more music. And I've almost finished all the character designs so the game will be done soonish. Anyway, that's it.

I hope you fucking liked reading this.

- Nelson